Light Commercial Smith Machine


Use TRFPR70+L home gym to get the best home gym.

TRFPR70+L provides comprehensive resistance training options for all fitness goals. The Smith-style pressure bar with adjustable safety limit allows you to carry out a variety of powerful strength training. These exercises include squats, parallel rope braces, high/low rope braces, standing rope braces, etc.

Use the upper tie rod to use TRFPR70+L as a power cage for more upper body exercises.

The independent movement of the upper pulley system can realize the rope crossing. The vertical movement of the same pulley is also

Use the included leg stretcher to continue working your muscles throughout your body. The leg stretcher allows you to strengthen the lower body by stretching and bending the legs. The adjustable back cushion expands your exercise options by providing multiple back cushion angles. By adjusting the bench press, the bench press can be converted into an inclined or descending bench press.

The sturdy structure of TRFPR70+L is made of 14 gauge square steel pipe. The structure itself includes four convenient storage stations. The storage column allows you to easily organize the board within the exercise range.

This single piece of equipment can provide excellent full-body workouts at any fitness level. Exercise at home does not need to be boring. The TRFPR70+L combined comprehensive machine allows you to perform multi-functional exercises.

The TRFPR70+L home fitness Smith machine of Marcy Eclipse series is your complete "all-in-one" machine, which can meet all your training requirements in a multi-functional integrated machine. It combines the advantages of a free weight cage, TRFPR70+L and a multifunctional gym without compromising the quality. For beginners, a pair of rotatable high pulley stations can be used together for cable crossing or used alone. Then there are low pulleys with foot pedals suitable for sitting platoons and for chest exercises

In this way, you have the absolute safety of a comprehensive machine. Therefore, if you prefer to use a free-weight barbell for training, although the barbell and safety catcher in front also provide you with protection. It can also be used with dumbbells from the comprehensive machine, and can enter the comprehensive machine and other squats.

TRFPR70+L obviously has many functions, but it is also supported by high quality. The rated load of the wire rope is 2000lbs. The pulley uses bearings to provide a smoother feeling. The frame uses large-scale steel on the workbench and cage. One piece can carry 135 kg/300 lbs. Regardless of your training requirements, the TRFPR70+L gym should be able to accommodate a lot.


20' quantity :53 sets

40' quantity 94 sets

Box Dimensionsmm):

A :2120×430×155        N.W.52kg             G.W.56kg

B :1560×465×220        N.W.:53kg             G.W.:58kg

C :1270×550×190        N.W.:55kg             G.W.:51kg

D :770×450×150          N.W.:18.5kg          G.W.:20.5kg

E :φ92×1935                N.W.21kg             G.W.22.5 kg

Assemble DimensionsL×W×H) (mm):1516×1938×2170


20' quantity :324 sets

40' quantity 672 sets

Box Dimensionsmm):

A :1440×220×150        N.W.8kg             G.W.10kg

B :570×460×150        N.W.:12.5kg             G.W.:14.5kg