Light Commercial Smith Machine


This multifunctional home fitness equipment power room can provide everything you need to recuperate and strengthen all major muscle groups. Use IBL-psn007 home gym to get the best home gym.

IBL-Psn007 provides comprehensive resistance training options for all fitness goals. Smith pressure bar with adjustable safety limit enables you to carry out various powerful strength training. These exercises include squatting, parallel rope chest clipping, high / low rope chest clipping, standing rope chest clipping, etc.

IBL-Psn007 is used as a power cage by using the upper pull rod to carry out more upper body exercises.

The independently moving upper pulley system can realize cable crossing. The vertical movement of the same pulley also provides resistance to the PEC deck.

Use the included leg stretcher to continue to exercise muscles throughout the body. The leg stretcher allows you to strengthen your lower body by stretching and bending your legs. The adjustable back cushion extends your exercise options by providing multiple back cushion angles. By adjusting the bench press, the bench press can be converted into an inclined or downward bench press.

The solid structure of IBL-psn007 is made of 14 square steel tubes. The structure itself includes four convenient storage stations. The storage column allows you to easily organize the board within the range of exercise.

This one-piece device can provide excellent whole-body exercise at any fitness level. There is no need to be bored to exercise at home. IBL-Psn007 combined comprehensive machine allows you to carry out multi-functional exercises.


20' quantity :45 sets

Box Dimensionsmm):

A :2120×430×155        N.W.52kg          G.W.56kg

B :1560×465×220        N.W.:53kg          G.W.:58kg

C :1270×550×190        N.W.:57.5kg       G.W.:61.5kg

D :720×550×140          N.W.:18kg          G.W.:20.5kg

E :375×240×125          N.W.:42kg          G.W.:42.5kg

F :375×240×125          N.W.:42kg          G.W.:42.5kg

G :375×240×125          N.W.:42kg         G.W.:42.5kg

H:375×240×125          N.W.:42kg          G.W.:42.5kg

I :φ92×1935                N.W.:21kg          G.W.:22.5kg

Assemble DimensionsL×W×H) (mm):1516×1938×2167