Light Commercial Smith Machine


The Smith Machine section allows you to safely squat and perform press lifts without the need for detergent. The pulley system can be used in conjunction with an arm press, a seated rowing cable and a cable jumper for strenuous exercise, which was previously thought to be used only in the gym.

In order to diversify your weight training program, IBL-9010DE Smith Machine is equipped with many functions of Power Tower. Use multiple upper rods for pull-ups, pull-ups, etc. Use the adjustable height immersion handle to complete the immersion.

The bench can be fully adjusted in the entire angle range, and can be pulled out of the cage for use with dumbbells, and can enter the Smith iron cage for squatting and other operations.

Model NumberIBL-9010DE

Box Dimensionsmm):

A :2100×530×220        N.W.41kg          G.W.49kg

B :1880×335×200        N.W.:43kg          G.W.:46.5kg

C :1080×560×240        N.W.:38.4kg       G.W.:45.3kg

D :580×410×255          N.W.:15.3kg       G.W.:17.5kg

E :345×300×190          N.W.:22kg          G.W.:23.6kg

F :345×250×190          N.W.:17.8kg       G.W.:19kg

G:φ96×φ86×2008        N.W.:28kg          G.W.:29.5kg

H :1540×620×180        N.W.:33kg         G.W.:36kg

Assemble DimensionsL×W×H) (mm)2570X2025X2150