General manager's New Year speech in 2018 2017-12-31


The year of 2017 has been passed and the new year will come. On behalf of the board of dorectors, I would like to extend our greetings to all the staffs and express our thanks to all the customers who supported us. Wish you happy new year and good health.

The year of 2017 is the uncommen and unforgetable year for Imbell.

We moved to the new factory location and began our second startup.

The factory was equipped with the new welding robert and high-end

Laser cutting equipment. We installed the new production line, new

powder coating equipment,new environmental protection equipment and

new three-dimensional warehouse. Facing the new production & office environment, we are full of confidence for the future.

In 2017, we adjusted our business strategy, strengthened the external publicity work of both enterprise and products, enhanced the overall image of the company and improved our customers' awareness of our products.

During the 2017 Sports Show, our products were well received by our customers from performance to quality.Our global customers quantity continue to grow.Our sales volume has also been greatly improved.

In 2017, we worked hard to overcome the high cost of raw materials and the great pressure of RMB appreciation. We adjusted our measures, optimized management and completed the annual production target. This is really not easy.

2018 will be the year of both opportunities and challenges. .In the context of the global economy, the situation will be more complicated and our task is more arduous..As long as all the staffs of our company are united and work hard, we will have the determination and courage to begin our second setup and IMBELL will have more bright future.

Let us greet the New Year with confidence and expectation!