Requirements for further training of deep thinking ability of technical personnel 2020-09-29

With the steady increase of sales volume of fitness equipment in our company, the company further proposes that:

1. To cultivate the ability of deep thinking of technical personnel, so as to design products with strategic foresight, can lead the market

2. User experience design is more perfect. The research and development is programmed, systematic and modular.

    User centered and user demand oriented design. The design process pays attention to the user as the center. The concept of user experience has entered the     whole process from the earliest stage of development and runs through the whole process.

    Ultimate goal:

1. Have a correct estimate of the user experience

2. Understand the real expectation and purpose of users

3. Modify the design when the functional core can be modified at a low cost

4. Ensure the coordination between the functional core and the man-machine interface.