Smith Machine

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The IBL-S4000 Deluxe Smith Machine from IMBELL is to put simply, a beast. It's imposing size and frame can shoulder the weight of vigorous workouts whilst maintaining a safe strength training environment. Safety with a smith machine is second to none, they are ideal for training without a spotter, they allow you to lift heavier and push harder without risk of injury from the weights coming down on you.

The IBL-S4000 encompasses all aspects of strength training, an integrated cable system features high and low pulley stations and a pec dec. Gym attachments can be used on either station to add to your exercise range. The fully adjustable bench is a stand out component, manufactured to a commercial grade it uses a chrome track adjustment with quick release for fast angle changes, from upright all the way to decline in seconds.

You'll find theIBL-S4000 has much more to offer than this too as you explore all of the possibilities with this fantastic home gym.

Model NumberIBL-S4000

20' quantity :51 sets

40' quantity :120 sets

Box Dimensionsmm):

A :2140×510×200     N.W.81kg      G.W.:85kg

B :1090×525×200       N.W.40kg   G.W.42kg

C :1530×615×180       N.W.35kg      G.W.39kg

Assemble DimensionsL×W×H) (mm)2420×2050×2190