Light Commercial Bench

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This state-of-the-art fitness equipment is specially designed for weight training. It can be used for arm raising, back training, abdominal exercises and free weight training. Whether it is a novice weightlifter or a senior coach, this is an ideal choice, it can perform full-body exercises and even develop your muscles. Using this device can effectively train the arms, shoulders, chest, abdominal muscles, back and legs-the best muscle distribution can keep the body balanced.

The back cushion can be adjusted to 10 positions, including military, inclined and flat, and the seat cushion can be rearranged to 3 positions to adapt to the position of the back cushion.

It has unmarked foot pads and end caps to prevent marks on the floor, and has transport wheels and comfortable handles for easy storage. It can also be added to any rack or cage system. Reach the hard muscles you have always wanted, and then start investing in your body.





20' quantity 208 sets

40' quantity 416 sets

Box Dimensionsmm):

:1435x515x170   N.W.:27.5kg      G.W.:30kg

Assemble DimensionsL×W×H) (mm)1365x620x1140