Commercial Power Rack

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IBL-MFC-8000-L is designed for athletes and is a giant in the framework. Designed around effective barbell training and weight training, suitable for those who lift heavy weights, or even train harder.

Adjust the sturdy bar grabber to 16 heights in the front or inside of the cage to suit any user for perfect alignment in any elevator. The extended safety frame can also prevent the barbell from knurling and scratching.

Pull up, dip and press up to reward the improvement of upper body strength. Use the immersion bar to customize the position of all weight attachments for all width grips and any height. Landmine pegs can provide an anchor point for your barbell to slide in, opening unique new exercises, such as mine pressing, squatting, T-bars and diagonal turns, making your exercise diversified.

The magical, multifunctional IBL-MFC-8000-L cage has more places to discover, but when you use it, we will let you know what else it offers.


20' quantity :21 sets

40' quantity :44 sets

Box Dimensionsmm):

N.W.:406.7kg        G.W.:435.1kg

Assemble DimensionsL×W×H) (mm):3090×1680×2300