Commercial Power Rack

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The COMMANDER3.0 is the first customizable modu-lar power rack that offers a monolift, lat pulldown seat with knee holder and globe grip chin-up bar for improving grip strength.

With a COMMANDER3.0, your training options are endless, with over 20 attachments, including chin-up bars, J-hooks, safeties, cable crossovers, and cable attachments for hundreds of configurations.

COMMANDER3.0 is a versatile power rack system that can either be used freestanding or when bolted-in to the floor to perform squats, bench presses, deadlifts, and more.

Heavy-duty steel uprights use state-of-the-art fully automated laser cutting and robotic welding technolo-gy for consistent reliability, durability, and stability.

The COMMANDER3.0 features West side Spacing with 35 different numbered adjustment points to perfectly position any size user for bench press, squats, and more.

Complete your COMMANDER3.0 with the Bench which has flat, incline, decline settings and comes complete with removable preacher curl attachment and separate leg developer.

ModelNumberCOMMANDER 3.0

20' quantity  sets

40' quantity  sets 

Box Dimensionsmm):

COMMANDER 3.0-A  : 1290×270×145      N.W.30kg  G.W.32.5kg

COMMANDER 3.0-B  : 1105×200×100      N.W.4kg  G.W.3.5kg

COMMANDER 3.0-C  : 2185×295×105      N.W.28kg  G.W.31kg

COMMANDER 3.0-D  : 1130×260×100      N.W.8.2kg  G.W.9.5kg

COMMANDER 3.0-E  : 740×425×135        N.W.22.3kg  G.W.23.5kg

COMMANDER 3.0-F  : 420×255×210         N.W.7kg  G.W.8kg

COMMANDER 3.0-G  : 810×815×240        N.W.6.5kg  G.W.10kg

COMMANDER 3.0-H  : 685×500×140         N.W.12kg  G.W.13.3kg

COMMANDER 3.0-I  : 420×295×170          N.W.11kg  G.W.12kg

COMMANDER 3.0-J  : 340×275×140         N.W.5kg  G.W.5.5kg

COMMANDER 3.0-K  : 1000×375×145       N.W.14.3kg  G.W.15.8kg

COMMANDER 3.0-L  : 370×345×140         N.W.:7.5kg  G.W.8.3kg

COMMANDER 3.0-M  : 790×445×140        N.W.16.3kg  G.W.18.3kg

COMMANDER 3.0-O-A  : 1120×365×185      N.W.:27kg  G.W.28.5kg

COMMANDER 3.0-O-B  : φ58×φ64×2170      N.W.:5kg  G.W.6.4kg

COMMANDER 3.0-P  : 495×325×255        N.W.5.5kg  G.W.7kg

COMMANDER 3.0-Q  : 1130×260×100        N.W.8.2kg  G.W.9.5kg